pinkcampain2I can not change who I am, nor can I be defined by a mans biased opinion! We are in this country in 2015 demanding Equality, freedom to be who we are where we choose. Protected and served by our leaders in position to save lives not Take them! We have a cultural world that has yet accepted the reality of the existence of a Multicultural Citizen. Equal treatment in gov. and public facilities, equal protection by the law against prosecutors. The U.S. Constitution and unfaced Human Rights issues can not be ignored in society. We must face the ugly as a whole as it exist as a hindrance holding our culture and respectable leaders in a disregard. America, Reform Activists 4 Criminal Enforcement (RACE) is necessary for democratic balance in our future. Leadership bullying must stop or we must hold them accountable individually as the grief they cause by terrorizing is life long! We want equality, America. #BBAAM